Quietly, the bridge across the Bassac River in the construction project of the third ring road is about to be completed

So far,

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the bridge across the Bassac River is in the construction of the third ring road has reached 97.25%, including: the bridge across the East Bassac River, 630 meters long, reached 95.10%. It is scheduled to be completed in October 2021 and the 366-meter-long bridge across the West Bassac River has reached 99.40%.
Moreover, the road project is planned to spend an estimated $ 267.67 million under a loan from the Government of the Republic of China and the Government’s contribution to addressing the impact Clearance of mines and unexploded ammunition construction By Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd and the project review cost of US $ 5.38 million by Guangzhou Wanan Construction Supervision Co., Ltd will take 42 months to build from December 2018 and completed in December. 2021.
The road project kravatkrong 3 (No. 4 No. 1), a total length of 52.983 km, the main road has a length of 47.608 km of cement concrete road pavement width metal bars 22 meters (4 lanes) and 22 cm thick and 5,375 km long sidewalks, 10 meters wide (AC) paved road, 12 meters wide on the road body, 9 cm thick rubber road, the main road in the town 2.80 km, has a total width of 27 meters the main road outside the town of 44.80 km with a total width of 25 meters geographic shortcut capital 15.42 km Geological Province (37.56 km main road 32.19 km and 5.37 km) vine. According to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.
Please be informed that: The third ring road has the benefit of contributing to reduce congestion and traffic accidents in the past and facilitate the travel of people in the capital while the photoshop crack capital. are being greatly expanded in line with population growth and development, which makes all kinds of vehicular traffic in the streets, experiencing frequent traffic jams.

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